A Scientific Approach to Bridging the Research-Practice Gap

Fostering the use of Implementation Science to support the processes of change in the health system

How can we help health services to embrace the innovations which result from health and medical research?

What are the factors that delay or prevent the widespread adoption of novel, evidence-based interventions?

Sydney Health Partners is fostering use of Implementation Science to answer these questions and support the processes of change in the health system. 

Through the science of implementation, we can determine how best to engage healthcare professionals to create change.

What is Implementation Science?

Implementation Science is the scientific study of methods to promote the systematic uptake of research findings and other evidence-based practices (interventions, programs, innovations) into routine practice and improve the quality and effectiveness of health services and care.  Implementation Science includes the study of influences on healthcare professional and organisational behaviour, across different settings including clinical, community and policy. It studies how to ensure that practice is driven by evidence, and the best ways to help make evidence-based interventions become standard care. And in cases where implementation has been successful, it asks what can be learnt from those successes and what can be used or adapted to help implement other evidence-based health interventions.

Welcome to our Community of Practice

Sydney Health Partners Community of Practice promotes and builds capacity in Implementation Science.

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Who Should Join

The Community of Practice welcomes healthcare professionals and researchers to join, including:

  • Clinician-researchers looking to upskill in the ability to draw on implementation science methods and frameworks

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