Each month we invite you to join our Implementation Science Academy leaders for a free interactive ‘Drop In’ session answering your implementation science questions, suggesting resources, and giving advice on your project.  
If you are new to implementation science, have an implementation science project coming up, or a challenge that needs extra brain power, these sessions are for you!  

Let us help you frame your thinking, give you feedback on your ideas and guide you through the planning process. 

Drop-In Sessions 2024

JulyFriday, 19 July 202412pm – 1pmOnline
AugustFriday, 16 August 202412pm – 1pmOnline
SeptemberFriday, 27 September 202412pm – 1pmOnline
OctoberFriday, 18 October 202412pm – 1pmOnline
NovemberFriday, 15 November 202412pm – 1pmOnline

 If you have questions about the Implementation Science Drop-In Sessions, contact [email protected].