The Matching and Advisory Program for Implementation Science (MAPS) will support the development of health professionals and researchers by matching them with an advisor who is either a Implementation Science Academy Fellow or a or leader within the Academic Implementation Science Network at the University of Sydney.

Program lead, Dr Mitchell Sarkies, describes MAPS as “the next step in our capacity-building efforts.”

“MAPS will fill the gaps between the Academy’s other, stand-alone, capacity building initiatives such as the Masterclass, Fellowships, seminars and pilots grants,” he said. “It’s a longitudinal program that will provide 12 months of peer and network support for health professionals and researchers wishing to take on research translation with an implementation science lens.”

Expressions Of Interest in MAPS are now invited from clinicians and health professionals undertaking or planning projects within Sydney Health Partners’ member Local Health Districts.

Applicants can nominate the type of advice and assistance they would like.

“It may be that the applicant would like advice on project management, developing a grant application or something else, but the main aim is to grow the number of people familiar with and using implementation science,” said Dr Sarkies.

Find out more about MAPS, including selection guidelines, here.