At Sydney Health Partners we understand that successful and sustained implementation of research is more likely to occur if all the stakeholders needed to make things happen are involved in the process.

Through building diverse and comprehensive partnerships, we can more closely align research with immediate clinical needs and identify priorities for implementation.

And by partnering with diverse groups which represent different perspectives and clinical settings, we can more quickly advance the academic understanding of implementation, and increase the health system’s ability and capacity to translate research evidence into better patient outcomes.

About Sydney Health Partners

Sydney Health Partners brings together the Sydney, Northern Sydney, Western Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health Districts; the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (at Westmead), the University of Sydney and eleven of their affiliated medical research institutes.

Collectively our Partner health organisations provide health care to 3.1 million people, representing 12 per cent of the Australian population and 38% per cent of people across New South Wales.

We benefit from the strong leadership of our Local Health Districts, a long history of successful collaboration between the University and research institutes, and our scale of operation.