Community of Practice Benefits Include

  • Exclusive access

    to online webinars and training sessions

  • Immediate access

    to our library of resources, including videos, scientific articles, and project templates

  • Connections and networking opportunities

    with other people interested in Implementation Science

  • News and updates

    about Implementation Science publications

  • Notifications

    about relevant local and national grant opportunities

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Please note, if you identify the University of Sydney as your primary employer or as an affiliation when signing up, you will be automatically added to the mailing list for the Faculty of Medicine and Health (FMH) Academic Implementation Science Network. 

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As soon as you register you will gain instant access to all of our resources. If you opt to join the Member Portal, you will gain access with 24-48 hours, and be able to see everyone who has joined and connect with them via email and social media. 

You will gain instant access to all our existing resources, and future resources as they are added. If you opted for your profile to be included in the Member’s directory, you will gain access to this feature within 24-48hrs.

We collect information about our members to measure interest in Implementation Science as well as ensuring that we develop resources, events and training opportunities  that best suit the needs of the Community of Practice.

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