Seventeen people have been made Fellows of the Academy, including five who received funded Research Translation Fellowships from Sydney Health Partners in 2021.

The honorary titles have been conferred as recognition of their knowledge, skills, and success in translating and implementing research evidence into health practice and policy.

Academy leader Dr Mitchell Sarkies says the Fellows have all demonstrated impact in health and medical research and advanced the field of implementation science.

“The purpose of the Fellowships is to recognise and promote clinician and researcher innovations in the science and practice of implementation and translation from SHP member organisations,” he said.

“The SHP Implementation Science Academy provides a platform for their achievements and opportunities to collaborate with other implementation researchers and clinicians through our Community of Practice and Clinical Academic Groups.”

Sarah Reedman from The University of Sydney described being made a Fellow of the Academy as a great opportunity.

“To me being a Fellow of the Implementation Science Academy means joining a collaborative group who are really passionate about translating research into practice and learn more about how I can improve implementation where I am working now.”

The Fellows have been invited to join the Advisory Group for one of the Academy’s three initiatives: Capacity and Capability, Collaboration and Partnerships, and Innovation and Methods in Implementation Science.

Sydney Health Partners Implementation Science Academy Fellows 2023

  • Dr Karen Birkenhead – The University of Sydney
  • Dr Johnny Bourke – Northern Sydney LHD
  • Dr Marina de Barros Pinheiro – Sydney LHD
  • Dr Jillian Eyles – The University of Sydney
  • Dr Merran Findlay – Sydney LHD
  • Dr Sviatlana Kamarova – Nepean Blue Mountains LHD
  • Dr Sarah Kourouche – The University of Sydney
  • Dr Karen Lee – The University of Sydney
  • Dr Alan Ma – Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network
  • Dr Marie K March – Western Sydney LHD
  • David Meharg – The University of Sydney
  • Professor Trudy Rebbeck – Northern Sydney LHD
  • Dr Sarah Reedman -The University of Sydney
  • Dr Robyn Sierla – Sydney LHD
  • Dr Anna Singleton – The University of Sydney
  • Dr Rachel Thompson – The University of Sydney
  • Dr Nicholas Williams – Sydney LHD